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It takes teamwork to make

the transition dream work:

In addition to Real Estate

expertise, you may need

legal, immigration, accounting and/or tax specialization. Our professional network is ready to serve, and available for consultation.

When divesting assets and/or moving money away from perceived risk, nothing beats the safety and long-term value of quality real estate. Consider not only Miami, but also Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Naples, Tampa, Orlando...

Wherever you choose to move

in Florida, let's begin your real estate journey.

Our current offers include

Prana Fazenda, a sprawling

1,200 acre landscape (incl.

>700 of Brazilian rain forest)

with main residence, helipad,

out buildings, water wells and

a residential development.

The necessary business and

social connections to help

you establish yourself in

your new environment,

new life, are just an exclusive

event away. Trust Miami-

based Vivienne Bardot to

offer you a welcoming

lifestyle transition.

Website em português em breve!

  • Register for individual CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica)
  • Obtain your business CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas), if applicable
  • Execute a Notary-drafted public deed
  • Register transaction at the real estate registrar


Vivienne Bardot, BRAZIL Miami Real Estate, Brazilian acquisitions transition specialist.

Understanding the process to purchase real estate in Brazil as a foreigner is as easy as a phone call or WhatsApp:

It takes teamwork to make the transition dream work, and our trusted sphere of

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Vivienne Bardot brings multilingual, cross-cultural expertise to this mix. She is an established and knowledgeable international transition specialist, and BrazilMiami Real Estate resource.

attorneys, accountants, tax specialists and notaries public contribute to a seamless experience.

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BRAZIL - Whether you are looking to BUY or SELL a fabulous São Paulo mansão, a Copacabana cobertura, or know what’s required to buy in Brazil as a foreigner;

Or, in/around MIAMI - BUY or SELL an oceanfront Florida condo, exclusive gated residence, or single-family marina or golf home... Perhaps establish an office or business in Florida? We got you!



... is one of the most famous cities in Brazil,

known worldwide for its evocative beaches

and contributions to culture, entertainment,

sports, global tourism, and especially music.

The colorful Carioca lifestyle permeates this

beautiful coastal region where the sea and

mountains come together, businesses and

hospitality thrive and all are welcomed with

braços abertos... Wide open arms.

... invites you to explore the neighborhoods,

beaches, architecture, lifestyle, real estate...

and lifestyle real estate!... that this vibrant

global city has to offer.



Local Expertise

in RIO

... provided by Paula Lima.

Paula brings more than 15 years of corporate business, real estate and negotiating skills and experience to the table.

A native of Rio de Janeiro, she is a founding partner of Imobiliária Lima Prado Alto Padrão, a company focused on real estate management, asset intermediation, and business and project development throughout Rio, as well as the resort municipalities of Angra and Búzios.

Connect with Paula

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What can (approx.) $2.3M USD

buy in...

Novos lançamentos




How about

São Paulo?

New Developments


Real estate development players active in Brazil’s 2nd largest city combine more than a century of luxury, expertise and dedication to quality.

Whether starting a new job, a new life or family, or investing to benefit from a favorable exchange rate...

AVENIDA ATLANTICA prime location overlooking the sands of world-famous COPACABANA BEACH, with sweeping, unobstructed sea views. Luxurious residential duplex penthouse (cobertura) of 470m2. 4 bedroom, 6 bath on 2 levels, with 70m2 terrace and private swimming pool. 24/7 concierge and a secure garage parking space. Veja hoje mesmo...


... helps you select the best and most stable new projects and inventory.

Learn what’s NEW

This COPACABANA cobertura

no RIO | in RIO

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... is the largest city in Brazil, the most populous city outside of Asia, and a sprawling megalopolis, home to more than 30 million diverse inhabitants. Sampa is an urban aggregation of mini-cities, comprised of large and vibrant, bustling neighborhoods, each known for various contributions to culture, nightlife, sports and business. Add world-renowned food and coffee, and welcoming green spaces, and

.. is proud to invite you to discover this rich and superlative South American city... and all of the luxury real estate that São Paulo -- and its mini-SPs -- have to offer.


Local Expertise


... provided by Vivienne Bardot.

A São Paulo native, Vivienne brings multicultural expertise to foreign buyers looking to purchase real estate in Brazil’s largest city.

She is a dual U.S. and Brazilian citizen, fluent in English and Portuguese; and an owner herself of both Brazilian and Miami real estate. Vivienne combines a hands-on, experiential approach with unmatched social and professional networks, to make your home buy in Brazil muito fácil.

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O estilo de vida de Miami tem tudo a ver ​com aproveitar o sol quente da Flórida, ​desfrutar de atividades ao ar livre, explorar ​a cena de restaurantes e bares elegantes ​da cidade e passear de iate - tudo isso ​enquanto participa de um clima econômico ​e empresarial forte.

Miami é conhecida tanto por seus ​residentes bilionários, suas casas ​multimilionárias e negócios, quanto por ​suas praias, compras luxuosas e vida ​noturna vibrante.

Brazil flag

O Brasil é o maior país da América do Sul. Tem a oitava maior economia do mundo, devido, em parte, a indústrias bem desenvolvidas, um forte setor agrícola e recursos naturais abundantes. Assim como na Flórida, o turismo também desempenha um papel importante, pois o país recebe mais de 6 milhões de visitantes estrangeiros todos os anos... e, assim como na Flórida, muitos dos que visitam decidem ficar.

Aqueles que apreciam um estilo de vida mais descontraído podem escolher o belo Rio de Janeiro, enquanto São Paulo atrai os que se dedicam aos negócios.

O melhor de dois mundos

Se você está procurando COMPRAR ou VENDER uma fabulosa mansão em São Paulo, uma cobertura em Copacabana, ou saber o que é necessário para comprar no Brasil como estrangeiro.

Ou, em MIAMI e arredores - COMPRAR ou VENDER um condomínio à beira-mar na Flórida, uma residência exclusiva em um condomínio fechado, uma marina unifamiliar ou uma casa de golfe... Talvez estabelecer um escritório ou empresa na Flórida? Temos tudo o que você precisa! INVISTA. INVISTA FORA. Com a BrazilMiami Real Estate. Entre em contato conosco hoje mesmo.




We Hope you Will ...


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b r a z i l

M i a m i

REAL Estate.

Paula Lima

Vivienne Bardot

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On the ground in Rio de Janeiro.

With over 15 years of real estate expertise, Paula’s Immobiliara Lima Prado Alto Padrão provides Buy and Sellside service of the highest standard - and high luxury living and investing opportunities in Rio, Búzios and Angra dos Reis.

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Sales agent in NEW YORK and FLORIDA, independent broker in COLORADO, business owner / entrepreneur, Michael works with Buyers and Sellers of imóveis de alto luxo - high luxury, high standing real estate.

From São Paulo to ​South Beach, Vivienne ​introduces luxurious ​real estate and events ​in Brazil and south ​Florida; and the ​necessary steps to ​take, the networking, ​partners and servicess ​to purchase real estate ​in Brazil as a non-​Brazilian. She is also a ​Global Ambassador of ​the Amazonia Fund ​Alliance Program ​(AFAP).

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